Why Do We Need Electrical Contractors To Sign Off On Houses?

In the world of construction there are a lot of checks and balances that need to be put in place.  These are all done so that issues don’t crop up later or that you are put into a dangerous situation or living conditions.  When looking at electrical contractors in Canton, GA, make sure that they are fully licensed and insured as well as have no strikes against their record.

Power from road to house

The first thing is to ensure that the power from the road to the house is connected correctly.  This is where power will come and if it is not done correctly. Your meters may not read correctly, or you may have unforeseen power surges. 

electrical contractors in Canton, GA

Breaker box is installed correctly

Once you have power going to your home all of the lines will be fed into your breaker box.  The breaker box will then have breakers that are tied to specific areas of your home.  These breakers help control the flow of electricity to your outlets and switches.  If a breaker trips, it means that more power was going to that device than it could handle and as a safety measure it was turned off.

Meet specific code conditions

Each year the city and town where you live will talk about innovations and progress in regard to safety with electricity.  These discussions will come together in the form of laws and codes that need to be met.  An electrical contractor will be required to meet these code requirements before signing off on the house.  If they fail to do this and sign off on the house, it could lead to a review of their license and could mean it gets revoked or suspended.

It is very important that everything goes well with your contractor.  If not, it could lead to costly issues down the road.